• Welcome to Springfield Christian Church

    We are a Christian Church - Disciples of Christ, called into ministry through baptism and fed in worship by Scripture, Music, and Open Communion.  By faith, and with God's help, we care for and serve the needs of our church, community and our world.

    Springfield Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is open to all Christians and those who wish to become Christians.  We urge and practice freedom of theological thought.  Each person is encouraged to develop his/her personal relationship with God. 

  • Sunday Morning & other Service Schedules

            Fellowship Breakfast
           o   Worship (English) – 10am-11am
           o   Worship (Spanish) – 11:30am-1pm
           o   Adult Sunday School (English) – 9am-9:30am
           o   Youth Bible Study – 10am-11am
           o   Lunch – 1:30p-3p
           o   Youth Music  - Friday, 6-9pm

           o   Alabanza/Praise (Spanish) – Friday, 7-8pm
           o   Prayer Group – Saturday, 8-9:30pm


  • Christian Education

    Adult & Youth Bible Study

    Youth Programs
    Camp Conferences for all ages

  • Thursday nights - distribution starts at 6pm and is open to the community.  Fresh fruit, meat, canned food, deserts, and drinks are available.